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Narrative describing the beneficial elements of Minnesota's character and climate


A state rich in natural resources, Minnesota in the nineteenth century was a destination for persons suffering from tuberculosis. This database is a praise-laden tract written to lure many of these people to the environmental benefits of living in the state and includes descriptions of regions of the state, and many tourist attractions. Bill Ledyard also discusses the various methods available for treating the disease in the 1870s. For researchers with ancestors from the Mid-West, this database can help in understanding the environment in which these men and women may have lived.

Extended Description

This panegyric extols the beauty, abundant natural resources, and health- restoring environment of Minnesota, describing the state's regions and its many tourist attractions. It is directed towards those suffering from consumption (tuberculosis) and helps to explain why people in the nineteenth century regarded Minnesota's dry climate as a possible cure for that disease. The author also discusses methods of treating consumption through diet and clothing, and other locales of interest to sufferers, such as Florida, Nassau, and California.

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