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Ohio Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patent and Cadastral Survey Plat Index


Officially known as the Pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patent and Cadastral Survey Plat Index, This database contains the information from over 100,000 land patents dated before 1908 for the state of Ohio. Information recorded in the collection includes patentee name, land office, legal description, etc. The patentee was the first owner of property after the initial survey. Once the patent was issued, the land became private property and was then sold with a deed. The townships, the six-mile-square land blocks which were the original divisions of land from the federal land grants, were then divided into 36 one-mile squares. The township numbering was the north-south numbering, starting from the center line. The range numbering was the east-west numbering, starting from the center line. The section is the one-mile-square portion (approximately 640 acres) of a township. That was also generally divided into 36 equal squares (each of which might be divided another 36 times).

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